Adam Edicions came to live with the idea of elaborating a specific editorial model where quality and theme of the book would be of the utmost importance. The aim was to embrace a range of literature focused on very specific fields, creating guide books that would become practical handbooks for different techniques.

The main premise of the publishing house is that of hoping for its editions to become one of those guides or handbooks which the reader will always remember where he kept and goes back to it when he needs to find something about the theme which he is working on – far from being the kind of book that is forgotten after being read.

The project started by the end of 2011, after leaving behind the experience of having been an author whose book was printed by a publishing house whose only objective was to edit it using the fewest possible resources. For this, this concept emerges: that of providing the attention and quality each book and author deserve.

Adam Edicions is not about airs and graces. It does not intend on becoming a monster publisher, but to be one of those small publishing houses that work small-scale, where everyone involved feels appreciated for their work.

Only one book has been edited up to this date, which has served as a guide to establish all the infrastructure of the company, and to have all the available means to make editions in a systematic, efficient way, and most importantly, faithfully adapted to the author’s idea.

Ultimately, we would like to whole-heartedly thank everybody who has been supporting us and has helped us to move forward with this editorial project which we pursue with great enthusiasm.

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